anna selonick


Giftr is a personalized gift recommendation website prototype. The site allows users to get a recommendation using a "get inspired" feature, browse popular gifts, or post a sucessful gift.


  • UX
  • UI
  • HCI
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
The homepage of the site signals to the user the key purpose of the site with the larger “get inspired” button and reviews from previous customers. The “get inspired” feature requires that the user take a short quiz about their significant other. The gifts are categorized so that users can mix and match date ideas with presents.



The challenge of this class was to create a website targeted at a user group of which we were not a part. As a group of all women, we decided to create a website for men in relationships. We received a lot of feedback from men that they had trouble picking gifts for their significant others. Thus, we created a gift recommendation site specifically for men in relationships.


We created a static mock-up in illustrator to test with male students around campus. We gave them scenarios such as “Valentine’s day is coming up and you don’t know what to get your partner as a gift” and asked them questions as they navigated through the website. Many of our users did not initially understand the key function of the site and opted instead to browse all the gifts on the site. We adjusted our final prototype to address this feedback.


The final interface included reviews from previous customers on the the front page, so that users understood the main function of the site. We also made the “get inspired” button larger than the rest of the buttons to signal to the user that they should follow that path first. As the only team member with web development experience, I led the group in developing the site. We used HTML, CSS and JQuery.